Question: How do you match blk?

BLK is easy and fun to use: Simply scroll through a personalized list of profiles. If youre interested, slide the profile to the right to give the person a Yeah, or click the Heart icon. If the feelings mutual, then youre a match and can start chatting in our app right away.

How do you get a blk match?

With BLKs roulette-type matchmaking feature, getting matches or connections, are fairly quick and easy. With just one swipe, you can either hit skip or send an interest. When you like a person who also liked you, there will be a pop-up saying that youre a match.

Who is the creator of Blk app?

Majority co-Founder Omid Farhang was in the pitch meeting and co-wrote the original lyrics. These are the ideas we bring to meetings to show clients that we are unafraid. Part of our job is to push them with the expectation that we are not going to actually make these ideas 99 out of 100 times, Farhang told CNBC.

What happens when you report someone on BLK?

Dating Safety Please report bad behavior, inappropriate photos and scammers. All reports are anonymous and your identity will not be shared with the person you are reporting.

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