Question: How do you say its OK formally?

How do you say its OK professionally?

Synonyms & Antonyms of OKagreeable,all right,alright,copacetic.(also copasetic or copesetic),ducky,fine,good,

What can I say instead of its OK?

What is another word for its ok?youre welcomecertainlyits all rightits a pleasurenever mindthats alrightno mentionde nadathink nothing of ityoure welcome, and heres a dollar17 more rows

How do you say its okay politely?

A slight correction, normally we would say Is it okay with you if... If you are trying to get a bit more formal, you could say Would it be alright with you if... or Would it be possible for me to take it...

How do you say alright in a formal way?

Synonyms & Antonyms of alrightagreeable,all right,copacetic.(also copasetic or copesetic),ducky,fine,good,hunky-dory,

What to say to its fine?

What is another word for its fine?its all goodall goodits my pleasurecertainlysureof coursethats okayits the least I could doyou are welcomeits no trouble17 more rows

How do you say Im fine differently?

Im good. Im doing well. Im okay (or OK). Im alright....Some other, more casual ways to answer when someone asks how you are:Not bad.Not too shabby.Cant complain.Pretty good.

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