Question: Who auditioned for Bella Swan?

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Bella Swan in Twilight, but Kristen Stewart was cast instead.

Who was considered for the role of Bella Swan?

3. Some actresses who would go on to become major stars (and some would also become faces of their own respective franchises) who auditioned for Bella Swan included Emily Browning (Meyers early first choice), Michelle Trachtenberg, Lily Collins and Jennifer Lawrence.

Who auditioned for Bella and Edward?

In addition to Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone among the 4 finalists for the role of Edward, the other two, according to Catherine Hardwicke were Ben Barnes and Shiloh Fernandez. Rathbone was eventually offered the other role of Jasper instead.

Who did Stephenie Meyer want to play Bella?

Before Pattinson and Stewart secured the roles, Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer wanted Sucker Punchs Emily Browning and, future Superman himself, Henry Cavill to play Bella and Edward respectively in the movie adaptations of Twilight.

Who auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman?

One of the finalists for the role of Wonder Woman in the DCEU was the French actress Elodie Yung. She is likely best known for her role in the Marvel universe. Yung played assassin Elektra Natchios in the Netflix streaming series Daredevil, one of the best Marvel television series of the MCU era.

Why does Pattinson hate Twilight?

Why does Robert Pattinson hate Twilight? He said during a Moviefone interview around the time of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 release that he would mindlessly hate [Twilight] without having seen anything if he hadnt been involved in the movies.

Why did Emily Browning turned down Twilight?

I chose not to audition - the author (Stephanie Meyer) at one point stated that I would be her ideal Bella, but I chose not to audition because I was at a point in my career where I wasnt sure I wanted to work. I definitely didnt want to sign onto a trilogy so I didnt audition, she told The Playlist.

Who Is Kristen Stewart husband?

Kristen StewartBornKristen Jaymes Stewart April 9, 1990 Los Angeles, California, U.S.OccupationActress filmmakerYears active1999–presentPartner(s)Dylan Meyer (2019–present)4 more rows

Who else auditioned for Thor?

Tom Hiddleston was one of the many young men who auditioned to play Thor, but Marvel felt he was a better fit for Loki. Those who also tested included Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgard, Joel Kinnaman, Kevin McKidd, and even WWE star Triple-H.

Who auditioned for Captain Marvel?

Brie Larson The producers of Captain Marvel considered Katee Sackhoff for the role of Carol Danvers, but ended up giving it to Brie Larson instead.

Did Pattinson regret Twilight?

Pattinson, who starred in the sparkly vampire adaptation of Stephenie Meyers Twilight series, has made little secret of the fact that he despised the weird story - saying in one infamous 2011 interview that if he hadnt been working on it he would “mindlessly hate it.”

Does Kristen Stewart married?

Kristen StewartBornKristen Jaymes Stewart April 9, 1990 Los Angeles, California, U.S.OccupationActress filmmakerYears active1999–presentPartner(s)Dylan Meyer (2019–present)4 more rows

Who Turned Down Iron Man?

Hollywood star Tom Cruise was reportedly offered the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man, but he refused as he thought the film was not going to work out for him.

Why did they cast Brie Larson as Captain Marvel?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said Larson was cast because of her ability to balance the characters vast powers with her humanity.

Who else auditioned for Hulk?

Lee screen-tested multiple character actors for Hulk after Crudup and Cruise passed, including Steve Buscemi, David Duchovny and Jeff Goldblum. Of the three, Buscemi has yet to appear in a superhero movie of any kind, whereas Goldblum played the comical antagonist known as The Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok.

Did Pattinson make Bellas lullaby?

He began the score with a Love Theme for Bella and Edwards relationship, a variation of which became Bellas Lullaby that Robert Pattinson plays in the film and that is included on the Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack....Track listing.No.TitleLength21.Edward at Her Bed0:56Total length:46:0520 more rows

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