Question: Is L dead in Death Note?

After Ryuk kills Light, Ryuk offers L the Death Note. Twenty-three days after writing his name in the Death Note, and after burning all the remaining Death Notes and having a conversation with Soichiro Yagami, L dies peacefully while eating a chocolate bar, with a picture of Watari lying right beside him.

Why did they kill L in Death Note?

Detective L was Lights greatest enemy, and many Death Note fans were sad to see him go. But for the sake of the story, L needed to die. L was outmaneuvered by his nemesis and, in the end, Light goaded Rem the shinigami into killing L and Watari to protect Misa from further investigation.

Does L really die in Death Note Episode 25?

But the warning comes too late: Rem, in her last act, kills L to save Misas life. L dies in Lights arms as Light gloats with a single smirk, knowing L cant do anything about it. Light finds Rems ashes in the lower levels of the building and snatches away her Death Note before anyone else can find it.

Does L and light die in Death Note?

Ultimately it isnt Light who kills L, but instead the Shinigami of the second Death Note Rem. With the Shinigami eyes, Rem is able to see Ls real name and write it into the Death Note after being convinced by Light it was the only way to stop Misa from eventually being caught and imprisoned for being the second Kira.

Whats senkus IQ?

What Is Senkus I.Q.? Senkus IQ is realistically assumed to be above 160 and somewhere around 180s. Taking his feats in Dr. Stone into account, Senku outsmarts most characters and might have the highest IQ in anime.

Who is smarter senku or light?

Senku from Dr. Stone is smarter than Light from Death Note, just based on the success both have achieved after putting their minds to a particular goal. After all, Light tried to achieve his goals with the help of Death Note, which ultimately caused his death, whereas Senku just used his IQ to save the petrified world.

Is kohaku in love with senku?

Though he enjoys teasing her by calling her names, he genuinely cares for her as a close ally and friend and trusts her abilities. Senku does not love Kohaku, and it seems that for now, the relation between them is limited to friendship. Even when Kohaku kissed Senku, to cover from Kirisame, he showed no reaction.

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