Question: What are the levels of anime fans?

What are anime fans called?

Otaku (Japanese: おたく, オタク, or ヲタク) is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests, particularly in anime and manga. Otaku subculture is a central theme of various anime and manga works, documentaries and academic research.

What are the different types of Weeb?

They might seem like a monolith, but dont be fooled — theres a massive variety of otaku out there: weeaboos, fujoshis, casuals, cosplayers, and more. If youre not an anime geek, you might not know what any of that means, but its okay.

Is an anime fan a weeb?

Otaku has shifted multiple times with the mediums growth to become firmly embraced by anime cultures worldwide, while weeb is being owned by anime fans who just dont care what others think.

What do you call a casual anime fan?

Posts: 10939. A casual anime watcher is a person who watches anime casually...

What is a Wapanese?

The term wapanese (from white Japanese, or possibly also wannabe Japanese) first emerged in 2002 as a derogatory term for a non-Japanese, particularly white, person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, particularly anime and manga.

What does Chan mean?

Chan (ちゃん) expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. In general, -chan is used for young children, close friends, babies, grandparents and sometimes female adolescents. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, or a youthful woman. Chan is not usually used for strangers or people one has just met.

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