Question: Can you live a normal life with CIDP?

For patients with CIDP, access to treatment is vital to maintain physical autonomy. It also makes it possible to have a normal life – from all social, professional, psycho-affective and family aspects. For some acute peripheral neuropathies, access to immunoglobulins is a question of life or death.

Can you live with CIDP?

Although CIDP is not fatal, and the life expectancy of a patient is comparable to someone who does not have the disease, a patients quality of life can be significantly impacted. The longer the disease goes untreated, the more nerve damage can permanently limit sensory and motor functions.

What is the progression of CIDP?

CIDP typically starts insidiously and evolves slowly, in either a slowly progressive or a relapsing manner, with partial or complete recovery between recurrences; periods of worsening and improvement usually last weeks or months.

Can CIDP cause weight gain?

Its believed that in CIDP, the immune system damages the sheaths around nerves, called the myelin. Taken daily, corticosteroids can prevent that damage. These medications have side effects, including high blood pressure, higher blood sugar, upset stomach, mood swings, irritability, restlessness, and weight gain.

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