Question: Which province is zvimba?

Zvimba District is a district of Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe.

In which province is Bulawayo?

Provinces of ZimbabwePopulations1,200,337 (Bulawayo) – 2,123,132 (Harare Province)Areas1,710 km2 (659 sq mi) (Bulawayo) - 28,967 sq mi (75,025 km2) ( Matabeleland North)GovernmentProvincal government, National governmentSubdivisionsDistrict4 more rows

How many districts are in Mashonaland West Province?

Mashonaland West is divided into 7 districts: Chegutu.

In which province is Gokwe?

Gokwe Centre is a rural small town in the Midlands province in Zimbabwe....Gokwe centre.GokwecountryZimbabweProvinceMidlandsDistrictGokwe SouthTime zoneUTC+2 (Central Africa Time)4 more rows

Which province is Zvishavane?

Zvishavane (known until 1982 as Shabani) is a mining town in Midlands Province, Zimbabwe. Surrounded by low hills, it lies 97 kilometres (60 mi) west of Masvingo, on the main Bulawayo-Masvingo road.

Which province is Gokwe North?

Gokwe North District is the northern of two administrative districts in the Gokwe region of the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Its administrative seat is Nembudziya.

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