Question: What is the German word for u boat captain?

What was AU boat captain called?

Kommandant The U-boat CrewOfficersKommandant(Commander, captain)Seaman (Matrosen)Seemännisches Personal(Nautical personnel)Technisches Personal(Technical personnel)56 more rows

What is a German captain called?

Hauptmann Hauptmann is a German word usually translated as captain when it is used as an officers rank in the German, Austrian, and Swiss armies.

What German U boat sank the most ships?

Otto Kretschmer (1912–1998) was the most successful of the World War II Aces of the Deep. As commander of U-35, U-23 and U-99 he sank 47 merchant ships totalling 272,043 tons in a remarkably short period of time, being captured in March 1941 and spending the rest of the war in the Bowmanville POW camp, Canada.

What is the abbreviation for Herr?

HERRAcronymDefinitionHERRHdlc ErrorHERRHealth Education Risk Reduction

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