Question: Is Oti Motsi sister?

The siblings both appear on Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Come Dancings Oti Mabuse has revealed she didnt speak to her sister Motsi for three months!

The new Strictly Come Dancing judge has been announced as Motsi Mabuse! If you recognise her surname, thats because she is the sister of Strictly dancing pro Oti, who was also a dance captain on The Greatest Dancer.

Who has OTI won strictly with?

The professional dancer joined the BBC show in 2015 and has won twice, partnered with Emmerdales Kelvin Fletcher in 2019 and comedian Bill Bailey last year. It makes Mabuse the only pro in the history of Strictly to win the trophy in two consecutive years, reports the Mirror.

Did Kelvin leave his wife?

KELVIN Fletcher and his wife split up ten years ago after she became jealous of all the attention he got from women. The actor, then a huge star as Emmerdales smouldering farmer Andy Sugden, was dumped by Eliza after he was bombarded with explicit messages and pictures from fans.

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