Question: Is Herne Bay worth visiting?

A beautiful beach - well worth visiting. This beach stretches for a very long way and consists of small pebbles and sand when the tide goes out. There are colourful beach huts along one stretch.

Which is better Whitstable and Herne Bay?

Whitstable seems to have the edge on atmosphere, places to eat and shops, but Herne Bay has some appeal too. Whitstable is an old fishing town and still retains a working harbour.

Is Herne Bay a nice beach?

Herne Bay is the quintessential British seaside resort. The beach at Herne Bay is also great for families. There is sheltered bathing behind the breakwater and everything you need close at hand.

Is Herne Bay a nice area?

Herne Bay can often get a lot of flack from other people in Kent, but its actually a great place to live or to visit. People often end up comparing it to other nearby towns like Whitstable or Canterbury, obsessing over what it hasnt got rather than what it has.

Is deal nicer than Whitstable?

Whitstable is more historic and therefore interesting. Deal on the south coast is also nice.

What is the crime rate in Herne Bay?

62 crimes per 1,000 people The overall crime rate in Herne Bay in 2020 was 62 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares favourably to Kents overall crime rate, coming in 37% lower than the Kent rate of 85 per 1,000 residents.

Is Ramsgate nice to live?

And they have since had time to discover the towns quirky back-streets, coast walks and continental vibe. Its an incredibly friendly town, adds Naomi. And weve been struck by the strong sense of community and the number of passionate people who help to make Ramsgate as good as it used to be – or better.

Does Ramsgate have a beach?

Ramsgate offers a popular long stretch of sandy beach situated right next to the famous Royal Harbour (the only one in the UK) and Marina.

Why is Whitstable so popular?

Whitstable has long been famous for its oysters, which still play a central role in Whitstables commerce and culture. Native Oysters have been harvested in Whitstable since Roman times, and while these can sometimes be harder to get hold of, there are also plenty of locally grown rock oysters to be enjoyed.

Can you swim Long Bay beach?

Long Bay. The sandy 1km-long beach is ideal for swimming and relatively safe. Children should be supervised at all times. Lifeguards patrol the beach during the peak summer months.

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