Question: What tribe is ogoja?

Ogoja, town, Cross River state, southeastern Nigeria, on the road from Abakaliki. A major trade centre (yams, cassava [manioc], corn [maize], rice, palm oil and kernels, kola nuts), it is mainly inhabited by the Ekoi peoples.

Is ogoja a language?

Mbe is a language spoken by the Mbube people of the Ogoja, Cross River State region of Nigeria, numbering about 14,300 people in 1973....Mbe language.MbeRegionOgoja, Cross River StateEthnicityMbube peopleNative speakers65,000 (2011)7 more rows

Who is the chairman of ogoja local government?

OgojaCountryNigeriaStateCross River StateGovernment• Local Government ChairmanEmmanuel Ishabor11 more rows

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