Question: Does Dawn know she is the key?

The rest of the Scooby Gang, as well as Dawn herself, learn that Dawn is the Key. Six years later, when Dawn starts disappearing and losing her memories, Spike will keep her company telling her about the time the two invaded the Magic Box and discovered she was the Key (The Core, Part Two).

What episode does Dawn find out she the key?

Blood Ties Blood Ties is episode 13 of season 5 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Why was Dawn the key?

In 2000, fearing that Glory would use the Key, the surviving monks of the Order of Dagon transformed the Key into Dawn Summers with the hope that Buffy Summers, the Slayer, would keep it safe. However, people beyond reality, such as the mentally ill, were able to perceive Dawn as the Key.

Why are Ben and Glory the same person?

Because of Spike, a vampire who was immune to Glorys spell, the group slowly learned that Glory and Ben shared the same body.

Why is Dawn so annoying?

One reason for the dislike of Dawn was that, five seasons in, she materialized out of nowhere. Of course, beyond Dawns sudden appearance, there were other reasons Buffy fans didnt warm to the character. Not only did they have to accept she existed, but also put up with how annoying Dawn came across as.

Does Buffy love Spike?

Before Spike died, Buffy finally told Spike that she loved him. This was the first time she had used the words I love you in a romantic sense to anyone since Angel. Spike, however, replied that she didnt love him, but that he was grateful that she had said it.

How old are the potential slayers?

Okay, I admit it. I was surprised by the latest episode of ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Not just because the up-and-coming slayers — Rona, Vi, Kennedy, and Molly — are supposedly 15 years old.

Who kills Ben Buffy?

Giles Buffy beats Glory with the hammer until she reverts to Ben, but spares his life, telling him that Glory must never return or they will both die. With the others attention diverted, Giles kills Ben by suffocating him, to prevent Glorys re-emergence.

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