Question: What does it mean to be right up my alley?

to be what someone likes or is good at doing. That kind of music is right up our alley. Synonyms and related words. To be, or to become popular or fashionable.

What does it mean when someone says right up my alley?

Definition of (right) up/down someones alley chiefly US, informal. : especially suited to someones tastes or abilities I love books, so volunteering at the library is up my alley. Thats right up my alley. Id love to do it.

Where does the expression right up your alley come from?

There is no definite origin of the expression although the first recorded usage of the metaphorical usage of the American expression dates to 1931. It can be found in M.E. Gilmans Sob Sister v. 65 and reads “its about time a good murder broke, and this one is right up your alley.”

What drives you up the wall?

Definition of drive someone up the wall If you say that something or someone is driving you up the wall, you are emphasizing that they annoy and irritate you. The heat is driving me up the wall.

What is the meaning of having a bad hair day?

informal. : a day when ones hair is unattractive and unmanageable You think youve had a bad hair day? One U.S. woman has hair problems that go way beyond such ordinary complaints as split ends. — Science News also : a bad day : a day with many problems, annoyances, etc.

Where did till the cows come home originate?

Scottish Highlands The idiom till the cows come home has been in use since at least the sixteenth century and may have originated in the Scottish Highlands, where cows are allowed to graze for months at a time before they meander home in the fall.

What does have a good hair day mean?

Its a day to celebrate being a woman and helping women everywhere feel good about themselves. Good Hair Day is a new day created to help women feel great about themselves. While all women should feel special and proud every day, Good Hair Day is the perfect reminder, especially if things havent been so great lately.

What does like the back of my hand mean?

Definition of know something like the back of ones hand : to know something completely I know this town like the back of my hand.

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