Question: What is wer in German?

Lets look at the German Question Words: “Wer?” and “Wo?” They mean the exact opposite of what they sound like as you will see with the following two examples: “Wer ist Angela Merkel?” — “Who is Angela Merkel?”

How do you use wer in German?

German Question Words – wer/was/wem/wen/wessen The interogative pronouns wer, was, wem, wen and wessen replace the nouns or pronouns we are asking after: We use wer to ask after people in the nominative case. Example: Wer hat das gesagt?

What is the difference between WER and Wen in German?

All those words have the same translation: wer, wen and wem all mean who, although wem should be translated into whom.

What are the three meanings of Sie in German?

The pronoun is not capitalized This personal pronoun has the following 4 different meanings: “she” (nominative feminine singular), “her” (accusative singular) for a female person (or “it” in English for a feminine thing in German), “them” (accusative plural, no distinction between masculine and feminine).

What is the difference between welche and Welcher?

The question word welch- is used to ask about a particular person or thing, or to select one thing from a larger quantity. Welches Kleid findest du schöner?...Question words: welch-NominativeAccusativeMasculine (der)welcherwelchenFeminine (die)welchewelcheNeuter (das)welcheswelchesPlural (die)welchewelche

What is Welcher in German?

welchen Menschen. Welcher (which) can be used before another word or as a substitute for another word. As a substitute it refers to a noun that has already been mentioned.

How do you use you in German?

If you want to say “you” in German, you would generally use “du” (informal singular), “Sie” (formal singular or plural—capitalized in both cases), or “ihr” (informal plural). But German has even more forms of the word “you”, including: dich, dir, euch, and Inhen.

What article does kind take in German?

Definite articlesmasculineneuternominativeder Manndas Kindaccusativeden Manndas Kinddativedem Manndem Kindgenitivedes Mannesdes Kindes

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