Question: What is a word for indecent?

OTHER WORDS FOR indecent 1 distasteful, immodest, indecorous, indelicate; coarse, outrageous, rude, gross; obscene, filthy, lewd, licentious. 2 inappropriate. See synonyms for indecent on

Is Indecent a bad word?

Indecent describes things that are not decent — the prefix -in often means “not,” like how independent means “not dependent.” Decent things are morally sound, so indecent things are offensive. Swearing is considered indecent. Indecent often means rude.

What is the noun form of indecent?

indecency. lack of decency; the property or degree of being indecent. something showing lack of decency; something such as a word that is indecent.

Which is the closest synonym for the word eclipse?

synonyms for eclipseconcealment.decline.diminution.extinction.obliteration.shroud.veil.extinguishment.

What is a risqué?

: verging on impropriety or indecency : off-color a risqué joke.

What makes something indecent?

The definition of indecent is something that is inappropriate, obscene or not in accordance with accepted moral standards. Pornographic movies are an example of movies that would be described as indecent. Found the movie to be indecent. adjective. Not appropriate or becoming; unseemly.

What is indecent haste?

1 offensive to standards of decency, esp. in sexual matters. 2 unseemly or improper (esp. in the phrase indecent haste)

What is indecent behavior?

Statutorily, Indecent Behavior with Juveniles is defined as follows: Any lewd or lascivious act upon the person or in the presence of any child under the age of 17, where there is an age difference of greater than 2 years between the two persons.

What is indecent dressing?

Indecent dressing is a social phenomenon that is done by youths. It simply means deliberately exposure of ones body to the public. In fact, the practice does not conform to the norm that value of the society, particularly in the African society. This practice is now common in public places including places of worship.

Whats the opposite of eclipse?

What is the opposite of eclipse?brightenclearbrighten uplightshinegleamenlivenglowwhitenmake bright6 more rows

What do you call a person who loves eclipse?

Its an affliction as well as an addiction. I really am an addicted eclipse chaser. You see one, and it gets under your skin.” He calls the affliction “umbraphillia” and himself an “umbraphile,” a lover of the moons shadow (“umbra” is Latin for “shadow”).

What is the meaning of Ostrobogulous?

Filters. (humorous) Slightly risqué or indecent; bizarre, interesting, or unusual. adjective.

What is the difference between risky and risque?

In summary, risky is the adjective form of risk and means that a situation has a chance of a losing outcome. Risqué means that something is suggestive of sexuality, ranging from mild to outright.

What does indecent love mean?

1 offensive to standards of decency, esp. in sexual matters. 2 unseemly or improper (esp.

What is indecent image?

Indecent images of children is the legal term for a sexual image of anyone aged under 18. This includes: Nude or partially clothed children. Children sexually posing. Self-generated sexual images by children (selfies)

Is indecent exposure a crime?

What is the Offence of Obscene Exposure? Section 5 of the Summary Offences Act 1988 (the Act) prescribes a maximum penalty of six months in prison and/or a fine of $1,100 for anyone who, in or within view from a public place or school, wilfully and obscenely exposes his or her person.

What is moral indecency?

English Language Learners Definition of indecency : a morally or sexually offensive quality : an indecent quality. : behavior that is morally or sexually offensive : indecent behavior. See the full definition for indecency in the English Language Learners Dictionary. indecency.

What are the types of indecent dressing?

Types of Indecent DressingSleeveless tops.Body hugs.Short Knickers.Transparent clothes.Head gears e.g. Canopy head ties.Bogus fashion jewelries.Spaghetti tops.OFF shoulders.

What are the causes of indecent dress?

Mairiga (2013) concluded that the causes of indecent dressing are peer pressure, poor parenting, foreign influence, wrong use of the internet, covetousness, and the negative influence of social media, the entertainment world, and the fashion world on female students.

What is a word for eclipse?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for eclipse, like: shadow, penumbra, solar-eclipse, dazzle, becloud, dim, rise, shroud, obliteration, surpass and occultation.

What is a effulgence mean?

: radiant splendor : brilliance.

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