Question: What happened to Heinz the singer?

The career of the singer and bass player Heinz Burt, who has died aged 57 after a courageous battle against motor-neurone disease, is a cautionary tale rooted in the pre-Beatles 1960s. Heinz, as he was billed, was a protégé of the paranoid, and finally homicidal, record producer Joe Meek.

What happened to Joe Meek?

PIONEERING music producer Joe Meek was never going to die a natural death. But recognition of his creative genius has been overshadowed by the manner in which he died on February 3, 1967, at the age of 37 – he committed suicide in his studio after shooting his landlady, Violet Shenton, dead.

What bands did Joe Meek producer?

Charting singles Meek produced for other artists include Johnny Remember Me (John Leyton, 1961), Just Like Eddie (Heinz, 1963), Angela Jones (Michael Cox, 1960), Have I the Right? (the Honeycombs, 1964), and Tribute to Buddy Holly (Mike Berry, 1961).

When did the song Telstar come out?

1962 Telstar/Released

What was Heinz real name?

Henry J. HeinzHeinz in 1917BornHenry John HeinzOctober 11, 1844 Birmingham, Pennsylvania, U.S.DiedMay 14, 1919 (aged 74) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.Resting placeGreenwood Cemetery8 more rows

Who wrote Tel Star?

Joe Meek Telstar/Composers

Who owned Telstar?

Mission Monday: Five fast facts about Telstar, the worlds first active communications satellite. 58 years ago this week, NASA launched Telstar, the worlds first active communications satellite, into low-Earth orbit.

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