Question: How is the rapper Boosie doing?

Boosie reportedly shot in Dallas He quickly made his way onto the highway in an attempt to lose the vehicle, eventually crashing his car. He exited the car and tried to run away, but he was shot in the back of the head and died in a hospital nearby.

What happened to rapper Lil Boosie?

Lil Boosie, 38, had attended a vigil Friday night in Dallas for rapper Mo3, who was fatally shot on a Dallas interstate Wednesday afternoon. JUST IN: Police sources said Lil Boosie was shot in the leg and his condition beyond that is unknown as of Saturday afternoon.

Is Boosie doing better?

Boosie Badazz posted a message to his Instagram story to let his fans know that hes good after being shot in the leg in Dallas. “Im good. “I appreciate all the times we had together,” Boosie Badazz said at a public vigil in honor of the late rapper. Texas has been a hot spot in recent weeks.

Did the rapper Boosie lose his leg?

12/3/2020 11:55 AM PT. Boosie Badazz is making the most of what is clearly a gruesome situation -- using his leg injuries from last months shooting in Dallas to promote a new song. The rapper revealed the brutal aftermath of not only the shooting, but the multiple surgeries hes needed ...

Is Lil Boosie a diabetic?

The “Nasty Nasty” rapper was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child. Hes been very open about his diagnosis. In 2008, he spoke to XXL about his condition.

What hospital is Lil Boosie in?

Dallas hospital Police sources said Boosie was shot in the leg and his condition beyond that is unknown as of Saturday afternoon. A recent photo from Lil Boosies Instagram account posted on Nov. 3. Multiple police sources confirm Louisiana rapper Boosie has been treated at a Dallas hospital for a gunshot wound.

Does Boosie have fake leg?

According to TMZ, Boosie is now out of the hospital after having surgery to remove bullet fragments from his leg. The doctors also had to put screws in so everything will properly heal. Recently, multiple rappers have been the victims of acts of gun violence.

What disease Boosie have?

A few years ago, the Louisiana native revealed that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In an Instagram post that was later deleted, the Touch Down 2 Cause Hell emcee asked his fans for prayers. “I need all my fans to pray for me,” he wrote. “Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys.

Why are so many rappers called Lil?

The word lil, a shortening of little, first appeared in the 1800s. Its in the form of a childs nursery rhyme — lil boy bear, lil gal bear, ABC language researcher (and rap fan) Tiger Webb said. But the way it is being used in hip hop — to denote lineage — appears to be novel, Webb says.

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