Question: What is Linda Evans doing now?

Linda Evans is 77 years old now. She is reportedly living on a secluded farm in Washington. Linda began working at the age of fifteen, when she got her first television role in an episode, of a then-popular sitcom Bachelor Father. Evans won a Golden Globe award for her role as Krystle on Dynasty( 1981 TV series).

Where is Linda Evans living now?

Following the end of “Dynasty” in 1989, and after having played Krystle Carrington on it for eight years, Evans partially retired and moved to Rainier, Washington, where she owns a home on 70 acres of woodland.

How old is Linda Evans?

78 years (November 18, 1942) Linda Evans/Age

Is John Corbett and Bo Derek still together?

John Corbett and Bo Derek have tied the knot. The former Sex and the City star revealed he married his longtime love over the 2020 holiday season during a virtual interview Tuesday on the CBS chat show The Talk.

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