Question: Is there a lot of walking at the Ark Encounter?

I went to the Ark when it opened this morning. There was a lot of walking before. The Ark and petting zoo and the restaurant are all wheelchair assessable. ...

How long does it take to walk through the Ark Encounter?

three to four hours Expect to take at least three to four hours to get through the arks exhibits. Long, wheelchair accessible ramps connect each deck (no steps), however, there is also an elevator tucked away for those who need it.

How much walking is involved at the Ark Encounter?

Plan to spend the day or at least 3 to 4 hours minimum. You wont be sorry! The craftsmanship is amazing! On the first floor are restrooms and a gift shop and a snack shop.

What is the best time of year to visit the Ark Encounter?

I would say September through April would be a great time to visit. over a year ago. The Zip Lines and the zoo animals are outside so if you want to do those activities, I would recommend going on a day in which the weather is nice.

Can you walk to the Ark Encounter?

After parking youll walk to ticket gate to buy a ticket and pay an additional $10 parking fee. Youll board a bus for the 5 min ride to the Ark and are dropped off away from the Ark and will walk again. There isnt much shade available.

Are there live animals on the Ark Encounter?

there are no real animals in the ark (other than the birds that have found their way in). there are real animals in the accompanying petting zoo.

How much does parking cost at the Ark Encounter?

To get here, you need to pay $10.00 for parking and ride a shuttle bus to and from the ark. There is plenty of evidence for the existence of the ark and a world wide flood.

Can you bring your own food to the ark Encounter?

over a year ago. over a year ago. Yes you can bring in food.

Can you bring drinks into ark Encounter?

YES to bottled water and refillable water bottles.

Is parking free at Ark Encounter?

Ark Encounter, Creation Museum Offer Free Parking, Grounds Tours to NKY Residents. Calling it a show of civic appreciation, Answers in Genesis announced Tuesday that it is offering free parking to local residents at Ark Encounter in Williamstown and the Creation Museum in Petersburg.

Can you bring snacks into the Ark Encounter?

NO OUTSIDE SNACKS. They prefer that you utilize the snacks they have available in their shops. YES to a backpack...but it is subject to be searched. YES to bottled water and refillable water bottles.

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