Question: What should I know before meeting a friend online?

What should I do when I meet a friend online for the first time?

Meet someplace public. Mike suggested a local restaurant, which was smart on lots of levels. Bring a friend. Dont be creepy. Listen to your gut. Do some research. Be wary about what you talk about. Bring up where youve mentioned them. Have an escape route. •Jun 23, 2010

What should I know about online friends?

Making online friends the safe wayIf you spend much of your time online, you should know that you are not alone. Select the right apps. Limit your personal info. Do the appropriate research. Trust your instincts. Meet your “friend” in a public place.

What do you do when you meet a friend for the first time?

10 things to do when you first meet someone if you want them to remember you foreverPut on your talking hat. Flickr/Garry Knight. Be blunt, controversial, and honest. Be a little bit unusual. Use confident body language. Trigger emotions. Be an engaged listener. Smile. Use their name in the conversation. •4 May 2017

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