Question: Where is Jackie Christie originally from?

What is Jackie Christie nationality?

American Jackie Christie/Nationality

Where did Jackie Christie grow up?

Born to a biracial couple -- his father is black, his mother white -- Christie grew up in Seattle. He met Jackie, a former part-time model, at a sports bar through a friend before he was drafted out of Pepperdine in 1992. He said his lifestyle was much more carefree and rambunctious before his marriage.

Whats Jackie Christies birthday?

July 1969 (age 52 years) Jackie Christie/Date of birth

How old is shaunie from Basketball Wives?

46 years (November 27, 1974) Shaunie ONeal/Age

Did Brandi Maxiell have a baby?

The couple has one child together, Jason Maxiell II.

Does Jackie still get married every year?

Every year Jackie and Doug Christie renew their vows, and this year for their 20th anniversary, the couple celebrated in the biggest way. The Christies let the Basketball Wives LA cameras film their 20th marriage renewal, which was featured on the season finale of the VH1 reality show.

Is Brandi and Max still together?

The marriage troubles between producer Max Lux, real name Marcus Boyd, and his wife Brandi Boyd have once again arisen. Brandi has repeatedly come forward in her husbands defense, however, on Tuesday (September 1), a post appeared on her Instagram account with a caption stating that she is single.

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